August 15, 2020

Not an essay, just a collection of thoughts.

2020 has been a trying time.

For many groups and for many reasons.

A global pandemic with a laundry list of symptoms has infected everybody who is aware of its existence.

The nature, magnitude and seriousness of Covid-19 ha...

June 30, 2020

Star Crusader is a meticulously crafted musical endeavour that should be praised not only for it's quality of content, but its innovation and vision. The 4th instalment in the Flowtaku series comes to us from the Canadian artist known as Twizzie. A diverse musician kno...

April 10, 2020

Living in a global pandemic and a world of self isolation, there is no shortage of individuals who are looking for something to keep them occupied. For those who are musically inclined and are looking for a new artist, look no further than Calgary's own Twizzie.

As curr...

July 18, 2017

I don’t believe in the word “procrastination”… there’s no such thing as procrastination, it’s just not that important to you. -Eric Thomas

If you’ve been following along with HYPR Magazine’s “Opinion/Perspective” column, then you’re already aware of the importance of ou...

July 11, 2017

For those who have spent a great deal of time surrounded by “motivational mindsets,” you might have come across a thought piece pertaining to the richest place in the world. Surprisingly, it isn’t an individual city or country, rather it’s a location that can be found...

July 4, 2017

A novel published recently by Grand Central Publishing titled, Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World, has been making headlines for it’s fresh take on a not-so-new concept, making your bed. With rave reviews coming in ranging from T...

June 27, 2017

"You’ve got to surround yourself with like minded people."  -Steve Harvey

Coming off of our “Failure is the New Success” article and how conquering your fear of failure can eventually lead to your success, we have a timely video featuring Oprah Winfrey’s Life Class seri...

June 21, 2017

“It’s the craziest thing, it’s like when you win a lot…you lose the ability to lose…you lose the ability to create.”-Will Smith

Yes, you read that right. Failure is the new success.

The latest mindset we would like to share with you is inspired by an interview that Will...

June 11, 2017

"Did I hurt somebody by saying that ‘I love myself?’" -Kanye West

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been asked what you want to do with your life, yet, you hesitated on answering honestly in fear of telling small minded people your big dreams? The sad reali...

June 3, 2017

“Your perspective in life will determine your destination. Today’s a new day. Go.”-Kirk Franklin

Sometimes when we hear phrases such as perspective is everything, think positive, be happy-it could be worse, we tend to dismiss them. It makes sense why, after all, such ph...

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August 15, 2020

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