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Failure is the New Success

“It’s the craziest thing, it’s like when you win a lot…you lose the ability to lose…you lose the ability to create.”-Will Smith

Yes, you read that right. Failure is the new success.

The latest mindset we would like to share with you is inspired by an interview that Will Smith did with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio. In the interview Smith speaks to new music, having children, and most importantly, the idea of “failing forward.” More specifically, on how the fear of failure is keeping you from success.

Full Video Below: (2:45 is the specific reference)

Smith is well known for being a big believer in the power of purpose, as well as having a positive mindset. Having been ranked the world’s most “bankable” star by Forbes in 2014, while possessing an estimated network of over $240 million, it’s hard not to consider where he is coming from.

The road to achieved dreams and blissful satisfaction isn’t paved with golden highways and sunny days. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. If it was that easy then everyone would be well on their way to success. Sadly, however, this isn’t the world we live in today. Today’s world is one in which an artificial mask is worn and we pretend we have the life we want, or the life people want us to have.

We dream and we hope, but we rarely take action. Why is that? The answer is our fear of failure, our fear of ridicule, our fear of imperfection and perhaps fear of feeling inadequate.

If we have learned to manage our self-esteem in a positive manner, then tackling our fear of failure becomes a much easier task. Coupled along with our self-esteem management, should also be the perspectives we carry.

Here’s why quickly:

  • High Self-Esteem: (Self Confidence Source Material: Tony Robbins – Believe in Yourself) High self-esteem helps us deal with our fear of failure, ridicule, imperfection and short comings.

  • Perspective: (Perspective Source Material: Les Brown – Anything is Possible) Proper perspective helps us take away the negative connotation generally associated with failure. Instead of seeing failure as a negative outcome/dead end, we can use failure as a learning tool and a motivating factor.

By changing your perspective of failure from negative to positive, you can derive value from the experience that can propel you forward. So, with all this in mind, I personally would like to present to you a challenge that is sure to help you reach your goals even faster!

Here’s the challenge: make it your short term goal to “fail” at least five times this month working towards one of your dreams or ambitions. You’ll find that by adjusting your mindset of failure from aversion to intention, the stigma and fear attached to failure will be taken away. What’s more, the fact that you’ve been able to successfully fail at something in regards to achieving your goals will mean you’ve done two beneficial things for yourself. One being that it means you are taking action and moving forward. Many of us stay stagnant and never take consistent action to reach our goal. The second benefit in this adjustment means that you’ve learned at least five new lessons in regards to achieving your goal.

This weeks takeaway: By adjusting your perspective on failure, you can use failure as the steam to power the engine towards your goals.

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