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The Number One Reason Why Fear is a Positive Motivator

"You’ve got to surround yourself with like minded people." -Steve Harvey

Coming off of our “Failure is the New Success” article and how conquering your fear of failure can eventually lead to your success, we have a timely video featuring Oprah Winfrey’s Life Class series.

In this particular episode, Winfrey features family household icon Steve Harvey. Coincidentally, Harvey opens the short video by addressing an audience member’s question pertaining to overcoming fear. Harvey admits that despite his current success and celebrity, he still feels a heap of fear before everything he does. Harvey even suggests that everything he’s ever accomplished has begun with fear.

Building on the next stepping stone to self improvement, Harvey takes it a step further and suggests improving one’s immediate environment, your friends in particular. Harvey states, “If you don’t surround yourself with other dreamers here’s what I know, if nine of your friends are broke, then you’re going to be the tenth one.” Shortly thereafter Harvey also expands on his previous statement highlighting the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive individuals who will help nourish your goals and help you accomplish them as well.

To drive his point home, Harvey connects with the audience member, drawing attention to their relatively close age, being both 57 and 52. Harvey says to not let age be a deciding factor in your dreams, rather, let your passion be the deciding factor.

If you truly want something in this lifetime, and you want it bad enough, nothing should stand in your way. Excuses are made in the shadow of fear and doubt. We make choices that are decided on fear in the name of practicality, and the only person you hurt in doing so, is yourself.

Video Below:

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