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Watch This For Breakfast And Never Procrastinate Again

I don’t believe in the word “procrastination”… there’s no such thing as procrastination, it’s just not that important to you. -Eric Thomas

If you’ve been following along with HYPR Magazine’s “Opinion/Perspective” column, then you’re already aware of the importance of our individual perceptions as well as the environments we immerse ourselves in. This week we bring to you a gem in perceptual change regarding procrastination, courtesy of motivational guru Eric Thomas.

A compilation video edited by Chispa Motivation uses a narration from Thomas as he addresses a young woman dealing with her habit of procrastinating. The narration is taken from a interview done on the Steve Harvey Show, (original video here). We recommend watching the edited video found below, as the visuals are quite impactful and relatable for anyone looking for motivation to get up and get their work done.

Video Below:

In what is perhaps the most important message of the entire video, Thomas approaches the concept of procrastination in the first 30 seconds. Thomas speaks to his disbelief of the concept noting that, if he were to offer someone $3 million to meet him the next day at 5 am, they would be there for 4:59 am. As the crowed laughs and agrees, he highlights that if this is the case, it’s not that we procrastinate, it’s that we don’t feel urgency, or whatever you’re putting off is not a priority in your life.

If we can direct this perception onto ourselves when it comes to completing a task or accomplishing a goal, we will find ourselves far more dedicated and disciplined. For example, the next time you’re on the treadmill and you’re feeling out of gas, winded, or exhausted, ask yourself, “if there was $3 million on the finish line for running an extra ten minutes, would I do it?” Chances are you would go all out.

This week’s takeaway: Approach each of your assignments with the mindset, that if you were to complete the task it would lead you to at least $3 million. Who knows, by the time you finish, it just might.

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