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Twisted Angel Turned Killer Queen.

Living in a global pandemic and a world of self isolation, there is no shortage of individuals who are looking for something to keep them occupied. For those who are musically inclined and are looking for a new artist, look no further than Calgary's own Twizzie.

As current fans of the artist may already know, any new project from the former screamo turned rapper/singer is an experience synonymous with finding a new musician altogether. However, this isn't a bio post. This is a song review, so let's get to it.

The Song: Killer Queen

Artist: Twizzie (Ramos)

The song opens with a sample I'm unfamiliar with, but I feel old Jackson 5 vibes.. this is almost immediately met with an abrupt upbeat presence. Much to my surprise Twiz opens up with a Jacksonesqu "I know you want meh, uh!" which is both fun and nostalgic. He pulls it off too, it doesn't come across as cheesy or reaching. Just fun and confident.

Immediately I know Twizzie is pushing his boundaries and comfort zones in creating/exploring yet another sound.

Although not known for his singing abilities, he holds his own quite well midway through the song. The upbeat pop to the instrumentals dance with Twiz' playful and coy lyrics as he pleas and shares his affection for his lady singing,

"Where would I be without you, you're the one for me. Do what ever to make you happy, for my killer queen."

Just when you think this mellow dance ballad will continue, Twizzie brings in a rap verse that adds some welcome energy to the track. Moving between simpler rhyming schemes to dashes of double time, it's in this verse we get my favourite lyrics of the track,

"I hate small talk and my fam talk big!"

As the song plays out I am left with the impression of not only a good time, but a warm energy. The track is bright, you can tell the artist had fun making this one. From the nod to the old school, to the soft spoken singing and up beat rapping, there's something for everyone on this one!

Killer Queen is a song to play while the sun is shinning and your'e driving with the windows down. You're not speeding or rushing to your destination, you're just enjoying your moment in bliss, appreciating all that you have.

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