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More Love.

Not an essay, just a collection of thoughts.

2020 has been a trying time.

For many groups and for many reasons.

A global pandemic with a laundry list of symptoms has infected everybody who is aware of its existence.

The nature, magnitude and seriousness of Covid-19 has become a debate which seem to align amongst ones political standing.

The BLM movement is in full swing.

Some people don't like the way the message is being presented. Others say it's the only option left.

A little boy was tragically murdered.

People have compared it to George Floyds murder.

There's a difference.

Both are sickening.

It seems strange that such serious matters would draw such a wide variance in opinion.

When concepts of good, bad, right and wrong are taught to us it's in hopes that we use the lesson as a guiding moral compass. Yet, we all seem to veer off from the same path and come to different conclusions and ideas of what good, bad, right and wrong really are.

I can only imagine this contrast in opinion or moral fibre stems from our inherent nature to take care of ourselves.

Afterall, who would choose to not believe in what is good for them?